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Wind Prospect Ireland needed a rebrand. An engineering consultancy firm who bring together the many elements involved in the development, construction and operation of leading renewable projects across the globe, they started out in wind farms but have since embraced all kinds of green technology. Meanwhile, a recent management buy-out meant that they were no longer part of Wind Prospect Group. They needed a new name for this exciting new era.

Myself and the team at the Pudding first worked to identify just what made this company different – and hugely successful. They have state-of-the-art skills and technologies. They have knowledge of finance and legalities. They have vast experience. But there was something else; something in how they worked that is quite unique to them. This company are simply great with people. They excel at forming relationships, at bringing together all the many technical, financial and human elements, like ions transferring in a chemical reaction.

 “Our clients transfer risk and trust to us, while to them, we transfer knowledge and skill. Together we form new and robust solutions for these changing times.”

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