About Me

I started out in philosophy, pondering the Big Questions. This qualified me for many things, not including a job. However, after several years of freelance philosophizing, I found my calling pondering the smaller yet more commercial questions – the metaphysics of toothpaste? The existential experience of a car dealership? The meaning of cheese?

I’ve worked with top ad agencies, smaller creative houses and boutique design outfits as well as directly with every size and shape of client, seeing projects through from strategy via creative to final production. What you see on this site is just a small sample of my work. I’ve written copy on everything from baked beans to spread betting, and created ads for TV, press, billboards, radio, direct mail and integrated media, including volumes of website content. I work happily above, below, through and beyond what was once known as ‘the line’. I get an equal kick out of writing snappy headlines or finely crafted and succinct long copy and I have an almost fanatical obsession with punctuation. I’m also a Dublin Institute of Technology MSc. Advertising graduate and Kinsale Shark Award Winner.

the one march