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Branding is about the pursuit of simplicity; finding what is meaningful and true amongst all the clutter to bring forth a strong and precise identity. Consumers respond to a clear brand promise. It also helps guide a brand’s own behaviour. When you really know who you are, you know what to do.

Travelwin is a company on the move. Plucky and entrepreneurial, they have created a whole suite of ingenious tech products for travellers. In speedy pursuit of new adventures, Travelwin doesn’t gather dust.

They asked the Pudding to refresh the brand. The challenge was to define a succinct truth, a common cause that unites all the Travelwin offerings, of today and tomorrow. And of course, we did it – Travelwin brands are always the fastest, most intuitive way to ease the journey and meet travellers’ needs. So simple, so powerfully true.

Travelwin also got a vibrant new look and feel, a logo with a sense of movement and a new endline ‘Adventures in Innovation’ – which seems just right for these swashbuckling entrepreneurs. It feels big enough; happening enough, and yet also somehow has vibes of Howard Hughes and the Golden Age of Aviation, another great era of innovation.

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web - one line mission and graphic

web - mission longer statement and graphic

“At Travelwin we are deeply practical but highly adventurous. Movement and change is core to who we are and what we do. The adventure is innovation; fresh thinking and technology are the problem-solving tools that take us where we want to go.”

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Agency: The Pudding

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