Cogs & Marvel

Master image camera ball

Green Light Events, a dynamic Irish brand events and experience company, were looking for a new look and feel to help them launch a new office in San Francisco, home of their trendy, techie client base.

They are a creative agency that produces immersive and entertaining activations and events. But they also bring solid strategy, analytical abilities and simply awe-inspiring logistical skills. They even have their own in-house travel company.

To myself and the team at The Pudding, this skill mix looked like the reasoning, strategic left brain working in sync with the creative, artistic, emotional right brain. And so a simple, powerful and true communicative concept was born. Next, we personified the left brain and the right brain as Cogs and Marvel, weavers of fact and magic.

Green Light Events hadn’t come looking for a name change, but a new name they found. And a terrific reception on both sides of the pond.

Do check out their great new site:

Or view highlights below. Click on the pdf version beneath each of the text-heavy screenshots for extra clarity.

Home page copy

Pdf: Opposites attract

Cropped Bike & ferris wheel

Wow picture page

Wow. This is what we do

Pdf: Wow

How picture page

How copy

Pdf: How

How services copy & pics

US copy 1

Pdf: About us

US copy 2

Pdf: About us (cont’d)

Now let’s just pause a moment to appreciate this gorgeous animated sequence on the homepage:

Cropped light & disco ball

Cropped light & ferris wheel

Cropped Bike & ferris wheel

Cropped bike & drink

Cropped camera & drink

Cropped camera & disco ball

Cropped light & disco ball

Nice, isn’t it?

C&M-iPhone-GIF (1)


Agency: The Pudding

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