Culture Ireland’s Bloomsday

A press ad and map illustrating the imaginary journey of Jame Joyce’s Leopold Bloom through Central Park.

Imagine Ireland threw down a challenge. Imagine Ireland was a year long celebration of Irish culture in America – and also an invitation to make that culture come alive in another time and space. Imagine. Ireland. The challenge was to make the journey of Leopold Bloom come alive both physically and psychically for a new audience in America; an audience who’ve never felt soft Irish weather or listened to the chatter in a old man’s pub in Dublin while leaning over the worn mahogany of an ancient bar top…

The solution came from Zero G – an invitation to take a physical journey on the Day – through Central Park, Boston Common, Venice Beach – and an invitation to take a journey of the imagination into Dublin in 1904 and into the mind of one man, with a view to exploring the psyche of everyman.
Zero G’s Ciaran O’Gaora realised the iconic potential of the shapes of the parks. I summarized the Great Book in seven suggestive snippets while Chris Haughton added quirky and characterful illustrations.

The press ads directed the audience to the Imagine Ireland website and a downloadable map with the story of Bloom in words and pictures.
(click on the images to enlarge or scroll down to find a pdf version):

Smaller browser? Straining to read? Click on this pdf link to view: imagineireland-map-03chicago

Mr. Leopold Bloom’s stroll through Venice Beach:

And Boston Common:
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Bloomsday celebrations on Facebook:
Click on image to enlarge

Agency: Zero G

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